Running for Selectman

I want to see the town’s building projects come to completion in a professional way that will serve the town for the next fifty years without breaking the tax payers back. Since being elected I have been involved with the building project serving as the selectman’s liason to the MBC. It is important that the town design and build structures that will serve the town for the fifty years and not settle for “cheap” half measures that will only be out grown before we cut the tape and cost us more to patch and repair as time goes on.

Some other reasons I’m running include:

  • I want to keep communication between citizens and the selectmen open. It is important that we have an ongoing dialog between us, and I will work hard to address your concerns.
  • I think it is important that we keep the Master Plan in mind as a blue print for the towns future.
  • I want to use my skills to help the town solve the problems it faces in the near future.
  • I want to serve and give back to my community.
  • I hope to be able to return and expand services in the town while finding revenue neutral solutions to the problems. The most glaring problem being the around center island trash and our lack of life guards.
  • I will continue our drive toward responsible, accountable and efficient town government.

 Damon Jespersen:

  • Solves problems with a fresh prospective
  • Approaches issues with independent thinking and a practical approach
  • Strongly believes in comprehensive preparation and active participation for all meetings
  • Understands the importance of listening and fostering better communication with Town Government
  • Brings a proven commitment to the town as a life-long resident


  • I was well prepared for all for the selectmen’s meetings and set a new standard for accountability in town government.
  • Instituted a monthly coffee hour to facilitate open communication with the selectmen
  • Helped move the town building project forward
  • Participated in the Triton Reagional Agreement review process
  • Worked with the schools and other towns to get volunteers from the highschool to provide child care during town meetings to enable parents to attend important meetings. It is hoped that through further discussions with eh school district that participation in the annual town meeting and the special town meeting can become a part of the curriculum and that students will attend the meetings and bring their parents.
  • Helped in the creation of a Request for Proposal for a solar development on the town landfill with the aim of both developing revenue and creating clean energy.
  • Through out reach to Senator Bruce Tarr and Congressman Leni Mira as well as our national reps Seth Moulton, Elizabeth Warren, and Ed Markey was able to find federal funding at far reduced rate to help lower the cost to borrow of our building projects.
  • Worked on the Newbury Elementary School playground project bring my tools and experience in house building to bear on this huge accomplishment by the PTA.

Thank You

I want to thank the residents of Newbury for entrusting me to the job of selectman. I am honored to be serving the town I love. I also want to thank all my supporters. I could never have done it with out you!

Want a fresh perspective in Newbury politics?

Is the character of Newbury important to you?

Are there issues affecting our town that aren’t being heard?

Damon Jespersen, Selectman

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