Upcoming Endeavors and Goals

  • Improvements to the bathrooms on Plum Island
  • Improvements to the Town Hall
  • Completion of improvements at the Police Station
  • Assist with Town Hall transition
  • Develop suitable, affordable housing
  • Make by-law changes
  • Create a compost facility
  • Council on Aging combination with Library

 Damon Jespersen:

  • Solves problems with a fresh prospective
  • Approaches issues with independent thinking and a practical approach
  • Strongly believes in comprehensive preparation and active participation for all meetings
  • Understands the importance of listening and fostering better communication with Town Government
  • Brings a proven commitment to the town as a life-long resident


  1. Debt Refunding Project: $412,000 in savings realized
  2. Property Tax Collection – over $600,000 in back taxes collected plus interest and penalties
  3. Timely mailing of demand bills for late payments
  4. Resolved all illegal deficit account balances with a total result of $62,070
  5. Restructured the Harbormaster function improving community relations and allocating appropriate fees
  6. Sought appointment of the original Media Committee to get all governmental programming broadcast
  7. Hired a team of competent experts to manage the major departments of the town
  8. Created a more harmonious relationship with our regional school district (acrimonious when I arrived)
  9. Reorganized Assessors Office leading to the hiring of qualified personnel who have professionalized the function of government
  10. Modernized the organizational structure of the Fire Department which included: eliminating the antiquated Board of Fire Engineer model and allowing for Newbury’s first strong Chief to be appointed resulting in a unification of the department.
  11. Established a successful ambulance enterprise fund which is fully supported by the user fees
  12. Eliminated illegal/unethical practices (paid consultants not performing work on behalf of the town, DPW, Fire practices)
  13. Established Pavement Management Program that has allowed us to address our deteriorating roads and provides us with our first road inventory ever
  14. Ultimately passing a $125,000 override for road improvements
  15. Established Financial Goals and Objectives – serving us well
  16. Created the Town of Newbury Salary & Classification Plan, job descriptions and new hire packets—completely reorganized Human Resources function
  17. Established Long Range Financial Forecasting Model allowing for more accurate budget projections and ultimately better decision making


  1. Insurance Switch to the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Agency (MIIA) – saved $17,600 annually in premium costs and provided:
  • more coverage
  • free training for employees
  • driving courses for Police
  • chain saw safety DPW
  • harassment training
  • ethics training
  • grant funding


  1. Changed the Newbury Polling location – previously, Town Hall would be closed and employees would be paid.  By changing the location to the Newbury Fire Hall there was $7,400 in savings realized in each election and the Town Hall stays open to the public during elections
  2. Reactivated Capital Planning Committee
  3. Established a stabilization funding schedule for asset replacements, allowing us to replace outdated, non-functioning equipment.  Stabilization Fund Balance when I arrived was just over $6,000 and now is over $520,000


  1. Updated vehicles and equipment
  • DPW:
  1. Dump Truck Purchase – negotiated price savings; $60k truck purchased for $30K
  2. John Deere Tractor – so we could take over the mowing of the Central St. fields saving the town $17,700 annually in field maintenance and mowing costs and allowing us to perform road side mowing services
  3. 6 wheel Mack Dump Truck with snow equipment
  4. F250 pick-up truck
  5. John Deere 544 K loader with plow
  6. John Deere 61 inch quick track
  7. Four wheeled excavator
  8. Bucket Truck – allowing the DPW to perform tree work so that much more work can be accomplished annually within the budget confines by doing it in house.
  • Police Dept:
  1. 3-year cruiser replacement program saves maintenance costs and allows for fully functional equipment and we have reduced the PD fleet by one vehicle
  2. Argo purchase for rescue purposes
  3. Beach vehicle for patrol purposes


  • Fire Dept:
  1. Pumper purchase – 2
  2. Ladder truck purchase
  3. Updated protective gear for all fire personnel


  1. Successfully negotiated CBA’s – 3 police patrolmen’s and 2 DPW within operating budget constraints
  2. Early certification of Free Cash – Negative position in FY 2011 when I arrived ($130,659)- high of $1,929,148.  Current position of $1,591,092
  3. Records Retention schedules established and organized as required by MGLs
  4. Orchestrated major facilities renovations:
  • Town Hall
  • DPW facility (which was condemned when I arrived)
  • Library
  • Newbury Elementary School
  • Field House Septic System
  • Field House Project
  • Plum Island Center Clean Up
  • Town Landing Project
  • Fire Station Renovation Project
  • Town Hall, Fire Station and Police Station Sewer Connection projects
  • Plum Island Bathrooms – purchased property, construction pending


  1. Grant awards:
  • DPW garage doors $5,000
  • EMA Trailer $5,000
  • DPW Trailer $5,000
  • Road Safety Training $1,800
  • Internal Control Review $10,000
  • Community Compact – Finance $15,000
  • Community Compact – Capital Planning $20,000
  • MIIA Safety Grant – $6,513
  • Municipal Vulnerability Grant – $15,000
  • Main Street Bridge Grant – $260,000
  • Capital Planning Grant – $35,000
  1. Land sale Bid Process – $1.3M in sales realized
  2. Created Finance Committee Booklet to assist residents at Town Meetings and to provide transparency
  3. Converted outdated, dysfunctional Town software packages:
  • tax collection
  • motor vehicle excise
  • tax title
  • motor boat
  • budget software packages


  1. Implemented health insurance plan design changes saving close to $100,000 annually in health insurance expenditures
  2. Switched telephone service provider saving $500/month in service fees
  3. Reorganized transfer station to maximize revenues – $60,000 swing and no use of municipal resources
  4. Implemented biweekly payroll process saving $5,000 annually
  5. Implemented energy awareness projects have saved approximately $2,500/month allowing us to perform other ordinary maintenance like septic pumping
  6. Implementation of the CodeRed emergency notification system
  7. Implemented on-line bill payment for the convenience of the residents
  8. Implemented on-line fulfillment program for parking permits
  9. Implemented a cafeteria plan benefit for municipal employees
  10. Completed a road inventory and subsequent Road Improvement Program, ultimately passing a $125,000 override for road improvements
  11. Turned all street lights back on
  12. Relocated Town Hall operations to Kent Way (without missing a day of service to the public)
  13. Played a role in building community confidence
  14. Street Light Conversion
  • National Grid Energy Initiative Rebate Grant – $27,027.75
  • MAPC Street Light Conversion Grant – $26,727
  1. Comcast contract negotiation – 1% increase in revenues, $100,000 in equipment (pass through), $6,600 equipment (non-pass through), HD channel, senior discount
  2. AAA Bond Rating


Thank You

I want to thank the residents of Newbury for entrusting me to the job of selectman. I am honored to be serving the town I love. I also want to thank all my supporters. I could never have done it without you!

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Is the character of Newbury important to you?

Are there issues affecting our town that aren’t being heard?

Damon Jespersen, Selectman

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